How to Make Those Viral Hot Chocolate Bombs You Keep Seeing All Over TikTok

Marie Lodi
How to Make Those Viral Hot Chocolate Bombs You Keep Seeing All Over TikTok
Photo: Courtesy of Maven Cookery; Good Food Baddie.

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While some people like to drink hot chocolate year-round (the polar opposite of iced-coffee-365-days-a-year folks, I guess) we can all agree that this classic beverage is extra-special during the holidays. If you’ve been looking to spice things up in the festive drinks department, prepare to be dazzled by the hot chocolate bombs taking over social media’s best baking accounts.

A twist on the winter beverage you know and love, hot chocolate bombs are basically a hollow chocolate sphere filled to the brim with hot chocolate mix plus marshmallows, candy, bits of cookies or whatever else your sweet tooth desires. When you drop a hot chocolate bomb into a mug and pour warm milk over it, the ball melts, revealing the sweet delights inside and creating the perfect cup of cocoa. All you have to do is stir it up and enjoy!

While hot chocolate bombs aren’t anything new, they’ve recently been in the spotlight thanks to users on Instagram and TikTok, who have been posting them like crazy. Foodies on the app have been showing off how these hot chocolate bombs work, whether they’re pre-made ones that they purchased or homemade recipes they’re sharing with their viewers. TBH, the hot chocolate bomb trend is kind of like the bath bomb trend from a few years ago—only better, since you can drink them.

There’s just something so comforting about enjoying a warm mug of hot cocoa in footie pajamas while you watch Home Alone or some other cute holiday movie and embrace that oh-so-cozy feeling. Turning your treat into a hot chocolate bomb makes it a whole new ballgame! (Ball pun totally intended!)

If you want to get your Martha Stewart on and try your hand at making your own hot chocolate bombs, we’ve got seven tasty hot chocolate bomb recipes below to choose from. If you’d rather take the easy route and buy them (as Ina Garten always says, store-bought is fine!) you can pick up this amazing snowman-shaped hot chocolate bomb by Kate Weiser Chocolate or even this little unicorn one (screams!) from ItzMyPartyCakery on Etsy.

Either way, put those footie pajamas on and get ready for hot chocolate bomb coziness. ‘Tis the season!

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STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Style Canada.

1. Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs

A hot chocolate bomb recipe that will satisfy any sweet tooth—just add any crushed toppings you like. You can freeze these babies before you’re ready to use them, too, so you can make a big batch to enjoy all winter long.


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Deal Finding Diva.

2. Icing-Topped Hot Chocolate Bombs

This DIY hot chocolate bomb recipe uses a squiggle of melted white chocolate as icing on the top. So good!


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Maven Cookery.

3. Festive Hot Chocolate Bombs

Feel free to get creative with decorating! This festive hot chocolate bomb recipe features gingerbread man and snowman-inspired balls for a little extra Christmas magic.


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Good Food Baddie.

4. Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Bombs

This hot chocolate bomb recipe can be made with either coconut or almond milk, if you’re looking for a dairy-free option. Why should dairy-lovers have all the holiday fun?!


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of I Am a Food Blog.

5. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you’re obsessed with peppermint like I am, this is the hot chocolate bomb recipe for you. It’s made with white chocolate and crushed-up candy canes for an added minty taste.


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Simply Real Moms.

6. Boozy Hot Chocolate Bombs

For an adult version of the hot chocolate bomb trend, try this boozy hot chocolate bomb recipe, which uses Bailey’s and Peppermint Schnapps.


STYLECASTER | Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Courtesy of Julie Blanner.

7. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Bombs

Peanut butter-lovers will appreciate this sweet and salty twist on regular hot chocolate! Just make sure no one at your holiday party has an allergy before you whip these up.

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