Hot Chip Helps the Homeless


Hot Chip has taken the Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist elusive, “Where’s Fluffy?” approach to playing live shows– only Hot Chip’s method excludes the awkward Michael Cera charming wit and includes harsh realities surrounding homelessness. Yeah… Six of one, half a dozen of the other…

Hot Chip has been playing mobile shows around the London area forcing ticket holders to hustle about the city to see the show. The location of the show is not revealed until ticket holders receive a text 24 hours before with the show’s location. Hot Chip guitarist Al Doyle explains to Time Out London, the motivation behind these secret shows was to “give people a very, very vague taste of what it might be like for homeless people to experience insecurity about where they’re going to spend the night.”

Whether or not this is really what it’s like to be homeless is… um… questionable. However, the positive sentiment and energy is there. These Hot Chip shows will benefit London’s homeless through London based agency Crisis which helps people living in refuges, hostels or night shelters find permanent residences.