Horyn Takes Issue with a Certain Documentary


Cahty Horyn reviews “The September Issue” for The New York Times and, in usual Horyn style, she doesn’t hold back. Her critique revolves mostly around how the magazine has changed since the documentary was filmed.

By contrast, the issue at the center of Mr. Cutler’s film, one can’t help feeling in hindsight, has all the gaiety of the “Titanic” two miles out to sea, with a spread on Sienna Miller in Rome, pages of models leaping in the new fall clothes, and a reflective piece by Plum Sykes on brooches.

She also touches on the fear that the consultants from McKinsey & Company will radically change the famously indulgent culture at Condé Nast.

One group sure to remain untouched by McKinsey’s team? The Majority, a coalition of gays at the Nasty. As one of the members told Daily Intel, “Who isn’t gay at Condé? We’re not really the minority, we’re the majority! It’s elusive — there’s a little mystery to it.”