The Horrors Release New Album Primary Colours


Have you ever been introduced to other people with a little personality blurb like, “Hey, this is my friend Janice; she’s funny!” And all you can say is something absolutely ridiculous like, “I had split pea soup for lunch” and embarrass yourself and the person who thought you was funny. Clearly they have a no sense of humor…

I feel like that’s what happened to the British band The Horrors. Constantly introduced as edgy and dark, The Horrors– instead of disappointing listeners by not being musically jarring enough– have back lashed in to the realm of poppy music. With their second album, “Primary Colours” out today, The Horrors have matured out of the goth scene and beyond the point of needing to prove themselves to listeners.

Moving in to emotionally charged vocals and hypnotic rock territory, Primary Colours is completed with accompanying visuals. Directed by Chris Cunningham with collaboration from Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Craig Silvey, the videos for Primary Colours are an accurate and interesting adaptation and addition to the music of The Horrors.

General rule of thumb: People sound smarter when they’re British. Emulate them by knowing about this British band.