Hope For Haiti Telethon Books Madonna


Earlier this week we announced that Robert Pattinson is hosting the Hope for Haiti telethon from New York. Also below we’re re-listing the incredible list of stars participating…last but not least to join the lineup is Madonna!

Yep, Robert Pattinson will headline the London leg of the telethon, with Bono, Jay-Z and Beyonce performing. The same statement that confirmed Beyonce’s appearance in London also announced that Madonna will be performing in New York City! Also said to be performing from New York are Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, and Keith Urban.

Holy heavyweights! Anderson Cooper will be coming at us live from Haiti, and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington are all expected in Los Angeles.

We’re expecting all major networks to air the telethon, and you’ll be able to make your donation even before the 8 p.m. kickoff (it will be 1 a.m. London time). It’s said viewers can also download performances for 99 cents through iTunes. Hit up Limelife over the weekend to catch the highlights! We’re staying in tonight with a glass of wine and the Hope for Haiti telethon!

You can watch with our friends at PopEater right here!

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre for LimeLife.

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