A Taxonomy of Hoop Earrings: Where to Shop Them at Every Size

A Taxonomy of Hoop Earrings: Where to Shop Them at Every Size
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There are a few times in life when size does matter: trying to figure out just how “cozy” that “cozy studio apartment” on Craigslist is IRL, deciding between the small and the large at your favorite pizza place, sneaking that extra tote bag on a flight with your carry-on. Also on the list: shopping for hoop earrings.

Even when you have a perfectly clear idea in your head of what size you want to buy, figuring out what that translates to online can lead to a lot of open tabs (“23mm to inches is?”) and a good degree of guesswork. Not every site offers on-model shots, and a “small hoop” for one brand might be an “extra-large hoop” for someone else—go figure.

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Along with black chokers and ’90s-style double buns, hoop earrings are on the fast track to Instagram ubiquity in 2016. That said, the oversized styles, a particular favorite of the Kylie crowd, aren’t a new phenomenon: They have a long history of use in black and Latina communities and in turn, too often being sidelined as “ratchet” or overly sexualized—a fact that should be acknowledged as we all add them to our selfie accessory repertoire.

Whether you’re looking for shoulder-grazers or lobe-huggers, shop hoop earrings of every size in the gallery ahead—handily categorized by diameter from tiny to XXL so you don’t get a rude surprise when you open the package.

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0- to 1-inch diameter

Pearl Open Hoops, $78; at Bing Bang

Hoop Earring with Black Diamonds, $199; at Anine Bing

Ace Earrings, $28; at Five and Two

Ruby Pave Huggies, $630; at Ariel Gordon

Small Hoop Earrings, $13; & Other Stories


1- to 2-inch diameter

Mia Hoops, $60; at Jenny Bird

Round Silver Bone Earring, $180; at Ayaka Nishi

The Name Hoop, $119; at The M Jewelers

Nandi Naya Sterling Silver Hoop Earring, $180; at Uncommon Deux

Essential Small Hoop Earrings, $6; at Charming Charlie


2- to 3-inch diameter

Jennifer Zeuner Small Hoop Earrings, $110; at Shopbop

Silver Chain Gang Earrings, $12; at Dolls Kill

14K Diamond Stud White Gold Hoops, $790; at Zoë Chicco

ALDO Formeniga Hoop Earrings, $14; at ASOS

Pembe Club Large Hoops, $186; at Kabiri


3- to 4-inch diameter

18K Gold-Plated Rachel Large Hoop Earring, $20; at Urban Outfitters

Extra Large Rectangle Silver Hoops, $100; at Melissa Joy Manning

Mega Hoop Earring, $88; at Free People

Oversize Hoop Earrings, $19; at Bebe

Jennifer Fisher Interlocked Smooth Circle Earrings, $315; at Barneys New York


4-inch-plus diameter

Oversized Hoop Earrings, $3.90; at Forever 21

Kiss the Pearl Hoop Earrings, $25; at Nasty Gal

Extra Large Gold Hoops, $64; at Etsy store NadinArtDesign

Barrel Hoop, $12.99; at Frugal Finds NYC

Extra Large Rustic Gold Filled Hoops, $51.43; at Etsy store FemmeMecanique

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