12 Ridiculously Awesome Homemade Pizza Recipes Better Than Delivery

When I was in college, the phrase “homemade pizza” entailed the following: Me walking over to the freezer, me extracting a giant Price Club-sized box of Ellio’s, me popping a piece into the toaster, and me scarfing it down despite the fact it still had ice chips in the center. #Chic.

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Now that I’m older, wiser, less beer-soaked, and Whole Foods-adjacent, I’ve come to realize that making pizza in your own kitchen doesn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) involve a trip to the frozen-foods aisle. Really, it’s as easy as making any other recipe with the right ingredients and a working oven.

And while I am a sucker for a giant delivery pie (half garlic, half plain), there’s something nice about the idea of knowing exactly what goes into my pizza, and making necessary adjustments according to how I’m eating at any given time (as in, replacing white-flour crust with quinoa—it’s easy, I swear.)

Below, 12 next-level homemade pizza recipes that’ll give your local Domino’s a run for its money.

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