Home Scents We Love! Freshen Up Your Space With These Great Buys

Rachel Adler
Home Scents We Love! Freshen Up Your Space With These Great Buys
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When summer hits, NYC streets get a certain type of odor… but here at StyleCaster we’re firmly committed to having our interiors smell bouquet fresh. But if filling your home with a five dozen roses isn’t exactly in your budget (or ours!), there’s plenty of more approachable options.

From fragrance sprays to vacuum fragrance beads, we’ve got the best home scents that’ll last without smelling sickly sweet. Click through the slideshow above for some sweet smelling buys!

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These genius beads are placed in your vacuum bag (or canister) and release fragrance as you clean. The Good Home Co. Vacuum Beads, $15, goodhomestore.com

This jasmine and white-lily scent includes a touch of citrus, to get you in the mood for summer (even if it's too hot to move). Blue Ilio Summer Breeze Fragrance, $29.99, target.com

This home spray is an anti-bacterial, non-toxic spray made to eliminate odors, and leaves behind a hint of lavender. The Laundress Home Spray, $16.00, thelaundress.com

If you want to splurge on candles (and decor) invest in Acqua di Parma's cube candles, because you'll never buy just one. Acqua di Parma Cube Candles, $70, bergdorfgoodman.com

Plug this into the wall in your kitchen to hide the scent of garbage or fish – refill when you've used the scent! Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Wallflowers  Pluggable Home Fragrance Diffuser Set, $12.50, bathandbodyworks.com

Caldrea's earth-friendly essential oil candle has a mix of citrus and lavender. Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower Candle, $20, caldrea.com

A mixture of vanilla and black tea, this Moroccan-inspired reed diffuser instantly adds to your decor. Altru Artistry Interior Fragrance Oil, $65, gamillahboutique.com

This mixture of roses lasts longer than your usual room sprays. Diptyque Roses Room Spray, $60, diptyqueparis.com

Jo Malone's candle has a luscious combination of white blossoms and lime to freshen up your home. Jo Malone Lime Blossom Home Candle, $65, bergdorfgoodman.com

Thymes refesher oil can be dripped over potpurri to give it a new revived, mountain fresh scent. Frasier Fir Refresher Oil, $17, thymes.com

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