How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign
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If you check your horoscope regularly and think there’s real value in mysterious power of astrology, you probably already know how to dress, date, and do your makeup according to your sun sign. And even if you’re not a full-on believer, there’s something intriguing about learning how to live better based on exactly where and when you were born. Incorporate this knowledge into how you decorate your home is one of the lesser-discussed—but more fun—ways to play with astrology.

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We talked to pro astrologers Katrin Haiba, of Cosmic Wave Astrology, and Tali and Ophira Edut, a.k.a. the AstroTwins, and got their tips on how to apply your zodiac tendencies to your interiors. Whether you’re an energetic fire sign, curious air sign, grounded earth sign, or sensitive water sign, you’ll get some cool and helpful ideas about how to make your space an even more sacred haven that’s tailored just for you.

Originally published June 2016. Updated September 2017.

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Fire signs like Aries need lots of light—think large windows and good lighting—to recharge from active, adventurous lifestyles, says Haiba. "Look for bright accents, like a sunshine-yellow pillow or a fire-engine-red clock on a neutral background."

Aries are also sensitive to light and hue and get depressed easily, according to the AstroTwins. "Avoid muddy or muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones," they suggest. "A home office should also be part of your plan, as many Aries women are entrepreneurs. Create yours as a shrine to your accomplishments and keep your home clean and organized, since your energetic sign loves to tackle projects—but may fail to finish them if you don't stay on top of everything."

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"Tauri are deeply sensitive to their environments and need to live in a comfortable, gorgeous space," say the AstroTwins. "Every detail counts, and they'll invest in the best of everything. When people come to visit, the well-stocked cupboards, impressive cache of fine wines and comfy furniture, along with Taurus's charm, will make them feel like staying for hours—if not for days."

Haiba agrees that it's all about sensual comfort and beauty for this earth sign. "Look for soft fabrics, scented candles, and gorgeous artwork," she says. "Luscious botanical patterns and live plants create a sense of living in the Garden of Eden."

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Geminis, an air sign, have a curious and eclectic decorating sensibility, Haiba says. They do best with "bright airy spaces; flexible layouts; and springy accent colors such as sky blue, light green, and yellow. A chalkboard wall would be fun for ideas, lists, spontaneous brainstorms, and bursts of creativity."

"Because Geminis are ever-changing, they have a hard time sticking with one look for long, so think short-term when it comes to décor," say the AstroTwins. "In many cases, your environment may actually be too stimulating. If you find yourself feeling pulled in too many directions, consider toning things down with a Zen-like scheme that has a few wilder accents."

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Like most water signs, Cancers create their homes for comfort and coziness, choosing items for their emotional, personal appeal. "Cancers are romantic, sensitive, and nostalgic—look for vintage floral patterns, Victorian accents, antique mirrors, and items passed down the family line," says Haiba.

True homebodies, Cancers can find it hard to leave the house once they're there, according to the AstroTwins. "Hosting dinner parties is an excellent antidote to isolation, so people come into your shell to experience your amazing hospitality." Warning: While you have a great eye for antiques and vintage finds, don't overdo it on the grandma touches.

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Fiery Leos like their lairs to feel as royal as they do, say the AstroTwins. "A typical Leo’s house is full of rich, bold colors like deep red, brilliant turquoise, and plum. It’s cozy and homey while remaining regal and stately. You love fine art on display, and as a fire sign, you need a playful, inviting den or sitting area—especially if it has a working fireplace."

Look for touches of luxury for your 'queendom,' adds Haiba: "High-quality fabrics like natural silk or velvet; soft, opulent furniture to lounge on; warm, rich colors; and windows facing south or west to catch the golden afternoon light."

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Earthy Virgos thrive in simple surroundings that focus on practical, functional beauty. "Instead of buying art, a Virgo might invest in a designer lamp that's a perfect marriage of form and function," says Haiba. "Virgos need a harmonious, well-organized layout where everything has its place. Look for colors such as warm linen white, soft gray, and accents of green and gold."

"Entering a Virgo's home is like a religious experience," add the AstroTwins. "They love the quiet, Zen-like vibe of a meditation chamber, and a clean, natural look. Try a flat woven rug, a few ethnic or spiritual pieces, plants, and fresh flowers." Do what works for you, since you're not the biggest entertainer, and only your closest friends and family will likely make it through the door, anyway.

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"Sagittarius has an eclectic style that ignites wanderlust: Moroccan carpets mixed with Tibetan paintings, a fireplace to sit by, and bookshelves filled with philosophy and spiritual travel writing," says Haiba.

The AstroTwins suggest bringing the outside in. "Create an indoor garden or fountain, candles scented like clover—anything to keep you from feeling boxed in," they said. "Your home needs a feeling of warmth, exuberance, and inspiration to match your curious spirit. You may be taking dozens of classes or chipping away at a handful of unfinished books and projects at any given time."

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Capricorns have timeless good taste, seeing design as a solid investment, says Haiba. "Clean lines, not too many things—every object is well-chosen and valuable. As the most ambitious of Earth signs, Capricorn can recharge by looking at a vista of mountains, or the modern-day equivalent, such as a stunning city view from a penthouse suite."

Your furniture could have a stately feel. "You may be drawn to grandfather clocks, large armoires, leather sofas, or a cherrywood cabinet full of fine china," say the AstroTwins. "With your own hardworking nature, you value great craftsmanship and hand-worked touches."

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Aquariuses have a unique and rebellious style that might look a bit ahead of its time, says Haiba. "Look for cool whites with accents of blue and aqua; modern patterns with geometric or abstract shapes; and reflective surfaces such as silver, steel, glass."

Skip the rugs and opt for bare hardwood floors and modern materials, add the AstroTwins. "It may be less cozy, but you like it that way. As an air sign, you need a roomy space with ventilation, sunlight, big windows, and plants."

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Home is a highly personal retreat for Pisces, say the AstroTwins. "It should be a cozy haven where you recharge your emotional batteries. Look for silk meditation pillows, natural fibers, and serene sea colors such as lilac or celadon green hint at your spiritual side and the dreamy depths you keep hidden. There’s a sensual vibe throughout your living space, infused with feminine touches like scented candles and room spray."

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Airy Libra's home needs to have a balanced and harmonious feel. "Look for light and medium tones like linen-white, taupe, and dusky light gray; classic furniture; and a good sound system for playing your favorite tunes," says Haiba.

Libras are also deeply sensitive to the environment and want the best of the best, say the AstroTwins: "Libras often have a state-of-the-art home theater, an impressive book collection, or a huge walk-in closet full of great outfits. As a great admirer of physical beauty, aim for style and value, not to mention cleanliness. Libra is the most artistic sign of the zodiac, so lightness and sunshine at home will match your airy spirit."

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This water sign thrives on mystery and depth, says Haiba. "Go for rich, darker tones—wine red, deep purple, indigo blue, and inky black; and antique or abstract patterns. Pick out soft, sensual furniture that might have come from a fantasy castle, along with candles and a bookshelf filled with murder mysteries and fantasy fiction."

Privacy is key, say the AstroTwins. "Your best bet is to create intimate areas as well as communal ones. Play up the little nooks and hidden spots that give your house character. If your home lacks architectural character, conjure sensuality with candles, uplights that form dramatic shadows, and fabrics like silk throw pillows or velvet curtains."

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