Holy Chicness! Nicola Formichetti Talks With Our Fave Bearded Lady

Susie G

To quote Internet darling P’Trique C’est Chic of Sh*t Fashion Girls Say fame (not to be confused with the video us StyleCaster kids did), “Oh. My. Gucci.”

Looks like that fierce bitch managed to get her people to get in touch with the Nicola Formichetti camp–even during Paris Fashion Week!

In P’Trique’s latest set of videos, she covers the fashion topic de la semaine, specifically gushing about the Fall/Winter 2012 Thierry Mugler collection which debuted over the past weekend. And guess who just so happens to make a cameo via video chat?

Oh, it’s just the label’s Creative Director and BFF-slash-style-brains behind Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti–NBD.

Watch the videos down below to see the two “So beyond they’re Beyoncé” style mavens chit chat it up: