Jewelry Designers Holst + Lee on Summer Style: ‘It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It’

Spencer Cain

 Jewelry Designers Holst + Lee on Summer Style: Its Not What You Wear, Its How You Wear It

One of the hottest indie jewelry labels right now is without a doubt Holst + Lee. The unique, dynamic pieces (check out that statement necklace in the above photo!) are the creations of Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee, who first met working at a trendy restaurant in New York. Their line first blew up thanks to the Surf Bazaar, a chic shop at the Surf Lodge in Montauk.

Since then, the ladies have been area regulars, which is why we knew they were the perfect fit for our new Hamptons’ Most Stylish feature. The ladies behind the fabulous up and coming brand dishes on everything from their summer style to their favorite spots. Read on for more from Holst and Lee!

StyleCaster: How does your style vary from your usual place of residence to the Hamptons?
Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee: Hamptons style is such a break in routine from our daily city life in New York. We definitely tend to dress up more in the city especially at night. Our Hamptons style is always centered around the ocean. During the fall and winter there is nothing better than a soft chunky sweater while walking on the beach. During the spring and summer, it’s all about bright colors and super-comfortable casual chic beach clothes, which believe it or not, can include a beaded gown!

What do the Hamptons mean to you?
The Hamptons are pretty magical and therapeutic for us. We both come from warm climates and beaches, so the opportunity to escape our sidewalk-pounding hustle in the city and be able to take in the beautiful ocean and fresh air is crucial to our existence. It’s like a reset button the second you step onto the beach. It’s also great to see people outside of the city in a whole different demeanor just relaxing.

What’s your favorite spot in the Hamptons?
Natalie: I would have to say my all-time favorite spot is the Cliffs at Montauk Point State Park. It may be one of the most beautiful places in the country. It’s the eastern-most tip of Long Island and it’s this incredible landscape of rocks, ocean, and flowers. It’s also where the tides from the Atlantic cross with the tide of the Block Island sound so you can actually see the water converging at that point. So calming and awe-inspiring.
Rochelle: I just love the beach. Any beach in the Hamptons. No matter where it is. I find my self just uncontrollably grinning from ear to ear as soon as my feet hit the sand.

Who in your opinion defines Hamptons style?
We think anyone who is at complete ease and comfort while in the Hamptons defines its style. It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it and whether or not it seems right for you. A lot of people try and go for a “look” and it seems contrived. We admire the people who define style without even trying because that’s what’s real.

You have less than five minutes to get a bag together of stuff to bring out east—what do you bring?
Jewelry (duh), a swimsuit, a sarong, an awesome sundress, a chunky sweater (for the cold nights), a light jacket, comfortable jeans, summer boots, and a T-shirt…done…maybe a bottle of rose wine too.

What designers are mainstays in your Hamptons wardrobe?
We absolutely love Bethany Mayer’s line at Surf Bazaar. She makes these beautiful cotton gauze pieces that are perfect for day and night in the Hamptons and they happen to go extremely well with a lot of our jewelry. We also love Mara Hoffman, who was one of the first designers we ever collaborated with. Her bright patterns are always great and also really complement the jewelry. Cynthia Rowley is another favorite. We adore her wetsuit material and again it goes really well with our jewelry. And finally for our basics, BLK DNM is a staple of ours. The cotton is beautiful and the cuts are always just right, and guess what, our jewelry goes really well with it!

Describe your “getting ready to go out” routine when you’re in the Hamptons.
Well, after a few afternoon cocktails and a refreshing power nap, we shower and then throw on whatever the mood calls for. Not too much thought is always the motto. Wear what feels natural and lifts your mood. And always accessorize…preferably with HOLST + LEE.

Describe the most extravagant moment you’ve witnessed in the Hamptons.
We once witnessed a guy dropping $8,000 in the Ralph Lauren store in East Hampton in 10 minutes.

Describe something that can be done for incredibly cheap in the Hamptons.
The beach is free! And really all you ever really need. We like to grab a cooler, a couple of blankets and some sunscreen and just chill. But, we can’t give away our secret beach spots, ’cause then they won’t be a secret anymore.

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