Holograms, Bathtubs And Mazes, Oh My! Highlights From Milan Design Week

Jessica Rubin

When it comes to design (fashion or interior decoration) there is never a down moment. And why should there be? Trends are always changing and consumers are constantly craving something new and exciting to adopt into their method of self expression. Just when we thought we had fallen into a little bit of a slump, Milan Design Week reared its pretty little head and gave us something new to “ooh” and “aah” over.

And for those of you who aren’t interested in design unless you can wear it on your back, think twice before you dismiss a good piece of furniture or interesting light fixture. Some of our favorite apparel and accessory masterminds have taken a turn towards the interior side of things — even Marni is taking a whack at it in the name of a good cause.

So take a break from perusing through Coachella street style and planning your first beach look of the season and check out some of our favorite awe-inspiring moments from the beginning of Milan Design Week.

Are you more interested in a week devoted to architecturally intriguing interior pieces or cutting edge fashion? Let us know which you prefer in the comment section below!


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