Katie Holmes’ Fashion Label, Holmes & Yang, Has Shut Down

Katie Holmes‘ foray into the world of fashion design has officially come to an end, at least for now. After five years, Holmes & Yang—the label started by actress with her stylist Jeanne Yang—has shut down.

Holmes & Yang shut down fashion line

Jeannie Yang and Katie Holmes
Photo: Getty

“The Holmes & Yang partnership has ended,” Holmes’ rep confirmed to People.

The duo debuted the luxury collection in Los Angeles in 2009, and decided to show at New York Fashion Week in 2012, though—like its understated designs—kept a pretty low profile. It seems the parting of ways didn’t stem from any one thing, but rather general creative differences.

“They have different approaches to absolutely everything: how to run the company, how to promote it and how to handle the press. It is much better that they go their separate ways now,” a source with knowledge of the situation told People. “The conflict isn’t about any one thing, it’s sort of about everything.”

We’re wondering if cost had anything to do with it, as Holmes and Yang’s price points were definitely on par, if not higher, than buzzier top designers—think $850 for a cashmere-blend sweater, and $900 for basic black silk trousers. The goal of the line was to create timeless, quality pieces, but we’re not positive that women looking to invest were necessarily going to choose Katie Holmes’ label to do it.

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