Hollywood Break-Ups: The Twitter Quandary

Summer K

Twitter is a funny beast. There’s a reason why character limitations stop us from spilling our guts: the fact that you can post your thoughts instantly makes it so enticing to just put it all out there without much thought to the future… or the millions of fans that might be following you, if you happen to be a celebrity.

Katy Perry just learned the hard way when she unceremoniously stopped following her soon-to-be ex-husband, Russell Brand this week. There was no big announcement, but the glaring silence behind it was enough to cause The Hollywood Reporter to question it and make a story out of a NON story.

The same goes for Demi Moore. As soon as it was announced that she and Ashton Kutcher were calling it quits, People magazine began to fret about her Twitter handle. Was @MrsAshtonKutcher about to be retired? What should she call herself now?

Social media was intended to be social (duh), but not every life decision needs to reiterated for our friends, family and fans. Example: People sometimes wonder why I don’t have my relationship status on Facebook. Obviously those that know me are aware of what it is, and anyone that isn’t probably doesn’t need to be looped into my love life. Besides, if and when that status should change, I would be then be facing the same curious whispers Katy and Demi are, and (sorry, ladies) I’m not about to make that same mistake. (Besides, the people that are usually curious are the sames ones that make daily affirmations about their “happiness” in an effort to sugarcoat the fact that it’s really not-so-sweet when you get past their latest status report.)

So for every Nina Dobrev (yes, I think you and your Vampire Diaries costar/boyfriend Ian Somerhalder are adorable together, but I didn’t need to know you call him “smoulderholder”) and Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa (you’re in love, I get it!), there’s someone like me who prefers to live their life offline instead of on. Should we fault them for not filling us in on every little detail or should we respect them for keeping something personal private?

It may not be as entertaining, but it certainly is understandable. After all, if everyone’s life was an open book what would we have to gossip about?

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