Holly GoLily


Karl Lagerfeld has been known for saying not so nice things about nonmodel bodies (this whole sentence is a euphemism), so although the Daddy of Chanel and Lily Allen are close friends, it was surprising that he chose her as the new face for his fall ad campaign.

A few black and white photos for the campaign were released today and, although they’re fun, and we love Lily and her Brit cheekiness, we’re not so sure it’s exactly Chanel caliber (especially after following Audrey Tatou). The photos have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s quality about them, with Allen sporting a Golightly hair bouffant, sunglasses on her nose, and the iconic slim, black silhouette. We hope she didn’t lose too much weight for these photos; she’s pretty adorable as is.
Allen’s eponymous jewelry line was also launched today, a collection of crystal-covered pandas, flamingoes, and pumpkins. She has said that the line is “inspired by summer:” I know my summers always include pandas, flamingoes and pumpkins. (She smokes pot, right?)