Holland Gets a New Fan


I’m not usually a big fan of Henry Holland’s (otherwise known as bff of Aggy Deyn) designs for London-based brand House of Holland. I think it’s because, despite my best efforts to prove otherwise sometimes, I really left my club-kid days behind a number of years ago. Yes, day-glo colors, skin-tight spandex, and outrageous prints have left my closet, probably never to return. That’s why I was pretty surprised this morning to find some looks on Holland’s runway that I could definitely get behind, even now in my mid-20s. Specifically, this lovely little sheer floral jumper on the equally lovely Chanel Iman. Not only would this look perfectly fitting for a night out on the town (true to Holland’s usual target occasion), it is also very-well suited for an afternoon in the park, a shopping day, a summer concert, a brunch date, and a plethora of other springtime activities. Anyone who knows me, knows what a jumper-advocate I am. Looks like Holland’s got himself a brand new follower.

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