My Holiday Tradition: Gabby Sabharwal and Her Mom’s Famous Goat Cheese Chicken

Blair Pfander

HOLIDAY_TRADITION-5New York based designer Gabby Sabharwal changed the beach for the better when she launched her collection of gorgeous mix-and-match swimsuits, Giejo, last year.
We may not know the secret to Gabby’s killer sense of style, but thanks to her “holiday tradition,” at least we know the secret to her mother’s terrific cooking: butter, and lots of it.
“Each Christmas, I’m happy to come home to Indiana to one of my favorite meals of the year—my Mom’s famous goat cheese and sage chicken,” says Sabharwal. “I am in charge of chopping while my mom prepares the chicken—I’m not into touching raw meat!
During these times, I learned the secret to why my Mom’s cooking is so good: it’s always covered in butter. These chicks take about four sticks. While everything cooks, the entire family sneaks away for a movie and prepares for the feast ahead!”
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