Holiday Gifts: Music Edition


Everyone is on a tight budget this holiday season, so finding a thoughtful gift can be tricky. For some people, it boils down to making coupons for things like hugs and doing a load of laundry. For others, it means buying something (namely packets of gum) at Costco and divvying it up amongst your friends and using a holiday sticker to cover up the “Not for Individual Sale” stamp.

A really great alternative to giving tiny packages is gifting music! Digital music is an inexpensive gift that can still be thoughtful–at least more thoughtful than giving a pre-watched DVD or the gift card with your name scratched out on the “To:” line.

Here are a few suggestios for everyone on your list:

Music for your mom: It’s a two-way tie between Michael Buble‘s “Crazy Love” and Susan Boyle‘s “I Dreamed a Dream.” Britain’s Got Talent‘s lovable underdog Susan Boyle currently has the record-breaking number one album in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, no mom doesn’t like Michael Buble. His unobjectionable mellow voice reminds every mom of what a stud Frank Sinatra was…

Runners Up: “Sunny Side Up” by Paolo Nutini and “Far” by Regina Spektor.

Music for your dad: Dads are tricky to buy music for. They generally consider themselves more “open” to new music, but clutch that copy of Chicago’s “Greatest Hits” with a passionate fervor. Upgrade Dad’s Chicago collection with Sufjan Stevens‘s album “Illinois;” Stevens’ unique Indie folk music rounded out with musical hooks will keep your dad amused.


Runners Up: “Monsters of Folk” by Monsters of Folk and “Wincing the Night Away” by The Shins.

Music for your younger sister: Younger siblings are easily impressionable but tend to have a false sense of trendy confidence. Cater to the pop princess with Pheonix‘s album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” which is straight up catchy and fun Indie dance pop.


Runners Up: Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s “It’s Blitz!” and Lily AllenIt’s Not Me, It’s You.”

Music for your boyfriend: More likely than not, at least one person in this relationship owns a copy of Taylor Swift’s, “Fearless.” Be it you or him, add a little more edge to your music repertoire with The Dead Weather‘s album, “Horehound.” Jack White‘s side project, The Dead Weather, is gritty, dirty rock that is still oddly sexy. (Musically sexy I mean. Sorry Jack White, but you are very fair and always a little wet looking.)


Runners Up: “Primary Colours” by The Horrors and “No One’s First, And You’re Next” by Modest Mouse.

Music for your best friend: Because you’re best friends, you’re going to be around them. A lot. Make sure they have good music any time you get into their car. Give them the gift of Indie cred with a copy of Indie, twee pop favorites The Pains of Being Pure at Heart‘s self-titled album.


Runners Up: “Vapours” by Islands and “It’s Frightening” by White Rabbits.

If you think none of these albums you think will suit your loved ones’ tastes, I recommend finding their favorite album, song, or artist to enter in to Pandora or Lala which will generate an array of musical suggestions related to the initial artist.