Holiday Gift Guide: The Alpha Male

Laurel Pinson
Holiday Gift Guide: The Alpha Male
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You know the type. The typical bro. The ex-frat boy. His nice clothes are the same as his everyday clothes. His running sneakers are the same as his going-out sneakers. Getting ready for him means spraying on some Axe body spray and working his hair gel to the max.

Shopping for the Alpha Male means strategic holiday shopping. Clothing? It’s got to be timeless. Accessories? This is a hit or a miss. Make sure whatever it is can be used or worn anywhere he goes. Most importantly, make sure it’s deemed as ‘masculine.’ BTW, don’t bother with any sort of technology — most of them don’t care to use it beyond their daily sports scores, online poker or fantasy leagues. However, do NOT get him any sort of pants. (Alpha males are extremely territorial when it comes to pants and their fit.)

Ladies, and even some of my fellow gentleman out there — this is your opportunity to completely revamp the alpha male in your life. Click through myslideshowfor some reallymascu-chic picks.

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Jackets are a sure way to go. It's probably his first new one in years.

Burkman Bros. Down Parka, $375.00, at Park & Bond.

This cropped, leather shoulder jacket will make him stylish without damaging his masculinity. 

Penfield Stapleton Down Insulated Nylon Cropped Jacket, $285, at Park & Bond.

Flannels rhyme with lumberjack. Lumberjack rhymes with masculinity. Okay, not really, but you see where I'm going with this.

Flannel shirt, $29.90, at Uniqlo.

This is a guy who still takes his tailgating seriously.

Fleece Crewneck Ohio State Football Sweatshirt, $105, at Park & Bond

It always boggles my mind when men don't carry bags. Where do they put all their stuff?

Billy Kirk No. 164 small carryall, $290, at Billy Kirk.

Filson are the gate keepers of masculine fashion. Even when it comes to bags.

Wool tote bag, $125, at Filson

Boots for stylish boys. He'll think they're so manly but they're also pretty sharp.

ZLIN Climbing II, $286, at Park & Bond.

Don't let your alpha male look like an alpha loser with that ratty wallet.

Mill leather credit card wallet, $65, at Jack Spade

If he can't go fishing let him pretend. (Not to mention, this bracelet was streetstyle photog bait last season.)

Rose gold hook on navy, $75, at Miansai.

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