The Holiday A-List: Rare Wine Packaged in a Stradivarius Case

Leah Bourne

cjjop1111stradivarius The Holiday A List: Rare Wine Packaged in a Stradivarius CaseSomehow Château Fombrauge has managed to make its wine even more covetable. Billionaire and French wine magnate Bernard Magrez, the owner of Château Fombrauge, has introduced a limited edition Chateau Fombrauge 2008 magnum nestled in an original Stradivarius violin case. The exclusive collection is limited to five cases dating from the 18th century. Fun fact, Magrez actually owns a Stradivarius violin.
The cases were adopted to provide a perfect fit for the magnum bottles, and existing gold details were given an extra layer of 23-carat gold (because, why not). The red velvet inside the cases was repurposed from costumes used for the Venice Carnival. We can think of no better gift for a wine lover this holiday season. The numbered cases will sell for just over $12,600. Considering that a rare Stradivarius violin sold this year for $16 million, a record price, that’s practically bargain basement.
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