The Holiday A-List: The Fridge of Our Fantasies

Leah Bourne

3a gr 02 g The Holiday A List: The Fridge of Our FantasiesWe’ll just come right out and admit it, we aren’t huge cooking people. That being said we are huge foodies so when we first saw this fridge we have to admit we were a little awestruck. The Meneghini La Cambusa “ice-chest” includes the standard fridge and freezer, but it can be fitted to include a coffee maker, fitted pantry, double pantry, ice-maker, microwave oven, steam oven and even a multi-function oven. Notably, all of the Meneghini fridges boast a solid wood structure and handles and hinges are made from natural brushed or chromed brass.
The fitted pantry in the upper part has four spaces, while the lower part has a sliding level which can hold cases of water and soft drinks and wine and spirits.
Sure, it’s the price of a luxury car, but still, we are in love.
 Meneghini La Cambusa, $41,500,