Hold The Phone: Public Transportation Etiquette

Jamie Rose

Living in New York City calls for the use of public transportation almost every day. Subways, buses and trains to the suburbs all come to mind. Sure, all of these are convenient but they can be annoying at times — and often it’s because the use of cell phones. You know what we’re talking about: that one passenger that has to make themselves noticed because they’re talking a billion decibels louder than they should be. Didn’t they learn the difference between inside and outside voices?

The Long Island Rail Road is taking action by listening to passengers and experimenting with “quiet cars,” where cell phone usage wouldn’t be allowed. Sounds like a great plan. But something else is happening too, except it’s sort of illegal: cell phone jammers.

This device fits in your pocket and simply blocks out radio and cell phone signals in the surrounding area. People have been caught using them on New Jersey Transit and one bus driver was the culprit of using one in Philadelphia.

We understand that these jammers take cell phone etiquette to a whole new level. If people just talked quietly or kept their conversations to a minimum when using mass transit, we wouldn’t have to worry about going to such lengths to prevent them. But please, be considerate and respect the lives of those around you. Fellow passengers do not need to hear your life story nor do they want to — especially after a grueling day at the office.

Photo Credit: Spike TV

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