H&M Gets in on the Music Festival Scene with New Collection

Kerry Pieri

All photos courtesy of H&M

If you’re over building your entire music festival circuit wardrobe via Topshop, thrifting and Urban Outfitters, H&M will have you covered just in time for Glastonbury.

The Swedish fast fashion behemoth is putting a charitable spin on what is quickly becoming a whole new style category, with its first festival collection. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sale of the line’s 50 pieces will go to the company’s third Fashion Against AIDS campaign.

Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&Ms head of design explains, For me, festivals are unique and inspirational places as they join both music and fashion. To see your favourite bands, to see creative people gathered, all from different nations and with different looks really inspires me.”

Those looks will have both boys and girls covered, and will include ethnic-inspired pieces with a glam bohemian bent for the ladies, and rock-star tinged skinny silhouettes for the guys. Think denim hotpants, patterned leggings, gladiator sandals, slim jackets and fedoras populating the H&M Divided sales area, and eventually a well-worn lawn somewhere. The collection, which is slated to hit in 200 H&M stores internationally, will also include unexpected festival accoutrements including camo tents, folding chairs and sleeping bags.

Funds raised will be divided amongst a host of worthy AIDS/HIV causes, and the company is even jumping on the sex ed bandwagon.

Fashion Against AIDS with H&M is a great way to reach millions of young people. With the donation money from the past two years, were opening our new International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp in June 2010, where well teach young people from all over the world how they can start safe sex campaigns using elements from fashion and pop culture.” explains Ninette Murk, founder of Designers Against AIDS, one of the benefiting charities.

Just because sex ed is in mix, doesn’t mean the campaign images are prudish. Check out some of the rock-star worthy looks from the collection below, featuring a festival-appropriate crew models Lou Dillon and Lizzie Jagger, and Josh Beech of the band Snish, shot by Dan Martensen.

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H&M Fall 2010 Collection

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