Fashion + Beauty = HIV/AIDS friendly


Red ribbons are being tied all around town, and schoolchildren are not the only ones doing their part to promote public awareness of HIV/AIDS today, December 1.

In support of World AIDS Day 2008, Kiehl’s will introduce a limited edition version of its fan favorite, Lip Balm #1.  The tube features the internationally resonant symbolic red ribbon and during the entire month, 100% of net proceeds from Kiehl’s World AIDS Day Lip Balm #1 will be donated to YouthAIDS, a non-profit organization that concentrates their efforts in the mission to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among youth.

Another way to show your pride is by supporting former Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth’s special edition t-shirt for Clothing of the American Mind.
Mackenroth explains the design:

“On the front it says ‘Love across barriers soothes the heart and cures the soul.’ Initially the meaning behind that was to unite HIV- and HIV+ people and remind us that love is a great solution to everything. However the saying can be applied to all difficult, opposite or non-traditional relationships. For the design I played with positive and negative space. The back says, ‘Shame can be fatal. Get tested.’

Over 1 million people in the US are infected with HIV and approximately 25% of those infected do not know it. Getting tested regularly can prevent the spread of HIV.

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