A Look Back: The History of StyleCaster’s Tote Bags

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A Look Back: The History of StyleCaster’s Tote Bags
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This week, we’re celebrating StyleCaster’s fifth anniversary with a look back at some of our most memorable pieces. From original editorials and celebrity shoots to staffers’ musings on what makes our company so special, it’s time to commemorate the fun-filled (and at times crazy) journey we’ve gone on to get here. Read on for some of our favorite content, and join in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SC5thBDay!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking around New York City—specifically during New York Fashion Week—you may have noticed a slew of stylish folks carrying a tote bag that reads “Style to the People.” Perhaps you’re unaware, but that phrase right there is StyleCaster’s ultimate mission. While the fashion industry has been notoriously exclusive over the years, we leverage our online platform in order to provide fun, accessible, original content to our audience. In our everyday quest to bring “Style to the People,” we decided to launch our first tote bag back in September 2010.

Our initial foray into the bag department was with a graphic we called Che Anna—a combination of Che Guevara and Anna Wintour—masterminded by brilliant artist Christopher Lee Sauvé. After they were such a success, we decided to make it an annual occurrence—and we’ve since launched various tote bags with everything from Man Repeller Leandra Medine‘s name to Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan’s faces.

For each tote bag, we worked with an emerging artistic talent, which is exactly why it felt like such a great fit for our site. It’s hard to pick a favorite—so we decided to give you a full retrospective. Click through the slideshow above for a look at StyleCaster’s many tote bags, and get some insider info on each one!

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In a partnership with Christopher Lee Sauvé, we launched our Che Anna tote bags in September 2010. Played by legendary drag queen Sherry Vine, Che Anna became an instant hit—and one of the most memorable sites at fashion week!

Renowned visual artist Faust has amazing calligraphic abilities, which is why our tote that he designed that we launched in September 2011 is still one of our favorites to wear around the city. 

Following legendary editor Carine Roitfeld's announcement that she was stepping down from the helm of Vogue Paris, we debuted Équipe Roitfeld (Team Roitfeld) tote bags in February 2011. These were also designed by the fabulous Christopher Lee Suavé. Celebrating Roitfeld's decision to leave a celebrated publication for more original pursuits is something we clearly deemed a reflection of "Style to the People!"

In February 2012, it was time to get political. Alongside Deer Dana and Curtis Kulig, we launched our Barack Obama tote bag. 

Of course, we had to represent both sides, which is why we also had a tote bag with Ronald Reagan's face on it. We figured even Republicans didn't want to rock a Mitt Romney tote! 

We are a style site after all, so we always offer up various color options! 

On the other side of the political totes was this beautiful cursive from Curtis Kulig. 

In February 2013, we launched this tote, clearly representing the evolution of those who cover the fashion industry. Leaders have evolved from Diana Vreeland to Anna Wintour to Carine Roitfeld to Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, who is a celebrated figure on the digital front. 

The other side of the tote boasts the titles of our four properties—StyleCaster, The Vivant, Beauty High, and Daily Makeover

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