From History To Cinema: Biopic Castings That Make Us Swoon

Jessica Rubin

Some of our favorite movies to come out of Hollywood are ripped right from history — or at least real life events. It makes films more relatable and, let’s face it, gives a new spin to things we probably found a little boring when we were sitting at a desk watching the second hand tick along. But these biopics are nothing unless they have some amazing casting. It’s the actors and actresses who make these films worth watching, and sometimes even worth an award (um, need we mention Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind?).

We recently caught wind of the fact that Ashton Kutcher is taking on the daunting task of portraying Steve Jobs in the movie about the man who changed the world of technology, so we decided to take a little look back (and forward) at some other biopics that have managed to snag A-list talent.

Click through the slideshow above for a few of our favorite historical-figures-meet-celebrity pairings and then let us know which one has your vote in the comment section below!