The Hipster Unwrapped: Science Explains The Plaid Craze

Jessica Rubin

We’ve stereotyped hipsters, made fun of them and secretly wished we understood the secret to their mysterious “coolness.” It’s been done, and we’ll put those topics to bed. Instead, we’re turning our attention to some bonafide scientific proof that hipsters really are cooler than us, and there truly is a method to their madness.

According to a study run by Harvard University, the ber-hipster is defined by a never-ending need to maintain individuality in their interests. When one of their friends begins to like a band because the other likes them too, it causes a true hipster to embark on a quest for the next big thing.

Two hipsters will bond over a shared love of say, The Black Keys, but won’t actually influence what the other listens to. Thus, the never ending cycle of hipsters uncovering all that is worth paying attention to in our culture. So if you’ve been dying to get your hands on the secrets to the elusive hipster, you’re welcome.

[Via Jezebel, MSNBC]

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