Among Tumblr’s Top 20 Reblogged Fashion Terms Of 2013: Hipster, Goth, Boho

Julie Gerstein
tumblr Among Tumblrs Top 20 Reblogged Fashion Terms Of 2013: Hipster, Goth, Boho

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Tumblr released it’s list of the most reblogged fashion terms of 2013, and while some are surprising, others were fairly predictable. So, what’s big among the Tumblr crew? Well, hipsters. And grunge. And swag, apparently.

The full list:

    1. Hipster
    2. Grunge
    3. Indie
    4. Pale
    5. Swag
    6. Pastel
    7. Rosy
    8. Girly
    9. Boho
    10. Street style
    11. Hippie
    12. Retro
    13. Menswear
    14. Floral
    15. KFashion
    16. Goth
    17. Glasses
    18. Sunglasses
    19. Lace
    20. Pastel goth

The most reblogged term of the year was hipster — a person everyone wants to talk about, but nobody actually claims to be.

What else can we discern from this list? Girls love pastels, and all things pretty and pink. There are nine terms on the list that relate directly to super feminine fashion trends, with terms liike pastel, rosy, girly and floral. Tumblr users are also pulling from the past for inspiration. It’s interesting that terms like “hippie,” and “grunge” would be found on the list, given that their aesthetics connected to particular past eras. There is a dark side to Tumblr, too — goth and “pastel goth” — that’s goth kids who enjoy pretty tones — were both highly reblogged.

Overall, most categories skewed on the softer side — only street style and menswear and the ambiguously named category “swag” actually showcased male fashion and style as well.

One interesting outlier on the list — “kfashion” — that’s fashion directly relating to Kpop and Korean fashion. It’s certainly something we’ll be paying more attention to in the future.