Hip Hop Princess Blue Ivy Inspires Gnarly Marijuana Strain

Jessica Rubin

The birth of Blue Ivy Carter, daughter to hip-hop royalty Beyonc and Jay-Z, was an awe-inspiring, earth-shattering moment in history (well, to some anyway). She’s already inspired a song, been a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and warranted articles from some of the world’s biggest newspapers.

So who wouldn’t want to smoke some weed named after her?

According to the Huffington Post, medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles have been selling a strain of weed named after the famous little tyke. So far, Bey and Jay haven’t responded with any legal action, which means that at this very moment there’s definitely some dude with “back pain” chilling on his couch in WeHo somewhere with a bag of Funions and his daily dose of Blue Ivy at his side.

If that image doesn’t brighten your day, we don’t know what will.