Hinge Is Cracking Down On Cheaters With Its New Feature

Leah Bourne
hing1 Hinge Is Cracking Down On Cheaters With Its New Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Hinge

After Tinder drew some ire last week after a survey revealed that quite a few people using the dating app were actually in a relationship, its biggest competitor Hinge has announced on its blog that it will start showing if its users are in a relationship, pulling the data from Facebook.

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According to their research, 3.6 percent of Hinge users are already spoken for, so chances are this isn’t going to change much, just help you rest a little easier as you decide to “heart” someone on the app. According to a spokesperson from Hinge who spoke to Buzzfeed: “The move is in response to learning that 1.6% of our users are married or engaged [an additional 2% are in a relationship], and wanting to ensure we maintain a trustworthy environment for those who do want to meet someone more seriously. Hinge is currently for finding relationships, and we want to keep it that way.”

The change will only affect users whose Facebook relationship statuses are “married,” “engaged,” or “in a relationship.” People with no Facebook relationship status or who list themselves as “single” will not be affected.

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Wondering how this will impact all of those people in joke relationships on Facebook [Editor’s note: I’ve been married to my best-friend on Facebook for years], Hinge says: “We hope that by announcing this early people who are in fake relationships on Facebook (with their best friends, etc.) will update their profiles to reflect their accurate relationship status.”

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