The Hills Must Go On


MTV announced today that there will be a sixth season more episodes of season 5 of The Hills this fall, despite the fact that Lauren Conrad will no longer be part of the cast. Conrad has made it clear that this is her final season on the MTV phenomenon, and that she is ready to pass the reality torch to another tanned, quilted Chanel bag toting, wearer of too-long hair extensions to keep the show alive.

The network promised that all the regulars will be in tact when filming for the next extended season resumes and- wait for it- there will be some new castmembers as well. Our imaginations are already running wild with possibilities for all the trouble these newbies will cause. Here are some educated guesses: There is going to be another “aspiring” actress/singer, some pretty young thing will appear and make it her mission to tempt the newly married Spencer with her taut tummy and fake boobs, at least one DUI/drug possession charge will occur, and obviously someone will “leak” nude pics and/or a sex tape involving one of said castmates.

What other drama do you think the “fresh faces” will stir up in the upcoming season of The Hills? The more creative the better.