The Hills: Last Night’s Recaps


Reports from MTV’s The Hills are as follows:

Heidi and Spencer are officially moved into their bachelor– I mean– newlywed pad. The neighbors come over for a meet and greet, where Heidi falls even more in love with having a baby after meeting the neighbors’ little nephew, Enzo. Spencer, of course, objects to this idea completely and even goes as far as kicking Enzo out mid-Wii.

Meanwhile, Kristin decides to lunch with Audrina, but clearly Audrina feels that it’s not something she wants to do. Lo shows up instead to console Kristin who proclaims that she is now going to go for Justin Bobby. Not like you can’t predict how it ends… but just in case, we’ll tell you. Kristin ends up locking lips with Justin Booby at a night club called Play House (classy), which we know is going to intensify the whole show times a million. What will the bitch do next? We have a feeling that if things with Justin Bobby bore her or go sour she’ll be moving on back to Brody.