Hillary Clinton is Announcing Her Presidential Run This Sunday!

Leah Bourne
Hillary Clinton And NYC's First Lady Announce Childhood Dev'pt Initiative

Photo: Getty

Here’s some news that’s not exactly surprising, but exciting nonetheless: Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her run for presidency this weekend, according to multiple reports. The announcement, according to sources close to her campaign, will happen via a video that will be released on Sunday.

Sources close to the former Secretary of State say that this video, which has already been filmed, will highlight the various platforms she plans to make the centerpiece of her campaign. CNN notes that with some insiders calling Clinton “the most unknown famous person in the world” this video will also attempt to highlight her more personal side.

While Clinton has been coy about whether or not she is running for the second time, she’s already set up campaign headquarters in Brooklyn in New York City.

This time around, Clinton is largely considered the frontrunner due to a public image overhaul since the last election which has included her highly successful run as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, along with her growing status in pop culture as a working woman’s icon, thanks in large part to the highly popular viral Tumblr meme Texts From Hillary.

After the announcement video’s release, Clinton’s first official stop as a Presidential hopeful will be Iowa, where she placed third in the Democratic primaries in 2008.

Clinton famously called the U.S. Presidency “the highest, hardest glass ceiling.” Should Clinton successfully secure the Democratic nomination for 2016 she’ll be the first woman to top a general election ticket.