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How STYLECASTER Fashion Editor Hilary George-Parkin Does Fashion Week

Leah Faye Cooper
How STYLECASTER Fashion Editor Hilary George-Parkin Does Fashion Week
Photo: Jens Ingvarsson

This Fashion Week, we’ve teamed up with luxury watch purveyor Baume & Mercier—makers of the fall favorite Petite Promesseto present a behind-the-scenes look at how editors navigate the industry’s most fun, frenetic, and creative week. Today, we check in with STYLECASTER’s fashion editor, Hilary George-Parkin.  

A Toronto native, George-Parkin is constantly attuned to the coolest trends, most promising young designers, and breaking fashion-industry news—intel she uses to produce features and shopping stories at STYLECASTER. From sensible footwear choices to a serious stash of lipsticks, here’s how she does Fashion Week.

Her Typical Fashion Week Morning
“I try to get a workout in since that’s impossible to do in the evening with all the events going on. I get up around 6:30am for Pilates or SoulCycle, which gets me off on the right foot. Then I’m running around all over the city, hopping around between shows, presentations, and the office.”

How She Dresses
“I’m not an editor who does seven outfit changes a day and takes a car everywhere, so comfort is important. But still, Fashion Week is a good opportunity to wear the things in my wardrobe that I don’t get a chance to wear all the time. I generally think of one piece a day that I want to wear and plan the rest of my outfit around that. I need a watch because I’m constantly checking the time, and I love one that adds a pop of color. For shoes, it’s a mix of flats and comfortable heels or platforms. I can’t do heels every day, but when my schedule is on the lighter side, I’ll break out the five-inchers.”


Jens Ingvarsson

What She Takes Away from Shows and Presentations
“I look for the designers—whether they’re up and coming or more established—who are doing something new and exciting. You can tell which trends and pieces are going to have a big impact, and that’s really exciting. At the same time, I’m thinking about what’s wearable for readers. As much as I love theatrics and as fun as it is getting to see a really bold, over-the-top show, for me, Fashion Week ultimately comes down to what people are going to be able to buy and wear.”

The Things She Never Leaves Home Without
“External batteries are essential, because you’re always running around and can never seem to find an outlet. So I usually have two of those in addition to my regular phone charger. By habit, I carry a zillion lipsticks, and during Fashion Week I make sure one of them is a bright statement color. And I absolutely have to have my glasses. If I forget those it’s a problem—I won’t be able to see anything.”


Jens Ingvarsson

The Highlights of the Week
“It’s hectic and crazy, but when you think about how hard the designers have been working, and the fact that you get to see their collections on the runway, it’s a really cool thing to appreciate and be a part of. I also love the street style. People really dress up and treat Fashion Week like an editorial shoot, which is fun to watch.”

Her Take on the Party Scene
“Some seasons I’ll go to all of them, but it’s obviously much easier to keep your energy up throughout the week if you limit the post-midnight parties. I do have to get up and work! If there’s something really worth going to, though, I’m there.”

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Makeup: Joanna Simkin