Hilary Duff Needs Your Help Naming Her New Puppy

Momo? Bean? What do you call your new puppy that’s tiny and furry and totally adorable. That’s what Hilary Duff asked her Instagram followers Tuesday.

After announcing she named the dog Momo in one photo, she posted another minutes later and suggested Bean. “Should it be Momo? Should it be Bean? Momo or Bean? Hello! Name me please! Woof (that’s thanks in dog) and goodnight,” she wrote in Momo or Bean’s voice.

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This brings Duff’s dog number up to two. She adopted a French bulldog named Peaches in March 2016 after losing her other French bulldog, Beau, two months earlier.

As far as the name goes, we see no reason dogs can’t have a middle name — it might come in handy if doggy daycare is ever overrun with Momos — so we’d like to suggest Momo Bean. It’s like Frances Bean, except not. At all.



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