Highs & Lows Of Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding: Part II

Spencer Cain

Alright, it’s finally over. Reality television’s royal wedding has come and gone, leaving me feeling empty and confused. Sure, it was glitzy, glamorous and filled with absurd drama, but something was missing. If you ask me, I think that something was a solid groom for Kim. That’s right, I’m talking about Reggie Bush.

The second Kris Humphries started complaining about the paparazzi and media coverage of their relationship, I was sad. First of all, he’s clearly obsessed with the fame, and second of all, that was the main reason that Kim and Reggie broke up. Sigh. Now I’m just getting nostalgic…

Let’s take a look at some highs and lows of the second part of the extravaganza!


  • Kris Humphries’ bedroom in Minnesota. Kim put it best, “This looks like the bedroom set you win on The Price Is Right.”
  • I don’t know about this whole bachelor/bachelorette party in the same place idea. Kim defended it by saying “Girls are doing Tao, boys are doing Lavo, it’s a TOTALLY different vibe.” No, it really isn’t. You are having weird matching bachelor parties in the same place.
  • I know this issue has been discussed throughout the series, but why can’t Kim dance at all?
  • Kris really should not have expected Kim to change her last name. And he really should not have said that she was “selling clothes at a boutique in the Valley four years ago” and now is “Miss Princess.” Sorry, bud, but Miss Princess is pretty much bankrolling your entire lifestyle. No one would have paid millions of dollars for images/videos/full exploitation abilities of your wedding otherwise.
  • I literally love Khlo so much, and yesterday I praised her usage of an Alexander McQueen scarf as a do-rag, but I can’t handle whatever Indian inspired hair piece she has around her forehead.
  • “I don’t know how Elizabeth Taylor got married so many times.” Stop comparing yourself to her, Kim.


  • Both Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick giving Kris a hard time for flying them commercial to his bachelor party was absolutely fantastic. Meanwhile, Kimmy and the girls packed up their Birkins and boarded a private plane. Now that is how it’s done!
  • “Hey guys, Kim loves penis!” Kourtney Kardashian is the TRUTH.
  • At the tuxedo fitting, Rob tries on a tux and Kim tears up, informing him he looks just like their late father. The heart of Keeping Up with the Kardashians lies in their incredible love for their dad. Even Bruce Jenner understands, and repeatedly tells Kim that he wishes he were here to give her away. Just when you think this family is crazy and fame-obsessed (which they may be), they have an unbelievable and unique bond.
  • Mason Dash-Disick in a bowtie. Dreams do come true.
  • If I get married and Kathie Lee Gifford isn’t there, it won’t count. Ugh. Best/most random guest list ever.
  • I thought Kim looked unbelievably tacky in all of the published wedding photos, but seeing it here, she really did look like a princess.
  • Also, Brittny Gastineau continues to cling on to her fame by catching the bouquet. Amazing.