Bye Bye Babies: New Tool Allows You to Hide Annoying Facebook and Twitter Posts

Julie Gerstein
Rather gets rid of annoying Facebook terms

Photo: Getty

We love babies, wedding photos, and our friend’s fervent love of the Red Sox. But do we love them all the time? Nope! Tech entrepreneur Chris Baker understood that, and created a new tool that allows users to hide unwanted terms from their news feeds without anyone knowing.

It’s called Rather, and Baker came up with the idea — ironically — while working as the Creative Director at Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed, of course, populates most of our Facebook and Twitter feeds with endless listicles on “27 Ways Baby Goats Are Like Business Executives” and “18 Signs You’re A Child of The ’90s” (both lists we’d click on, by the way). The start-up’s tagline? “Replace anything you want in your social feeds with things you’d rather see, like cats.” Sold!

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Rather comes out of Baker’s first side project,, a site he created on a whim for $500, which removed all posts about babies from users’ Facebook newsfeeds. What started as a joke eventually grew to have more 230,000 users. Rather builds upon Unbaby’s technology and allows users to choose the words they’d like to ban. And, as an added bonus, you can replace annoying words or phrases — like say, “Monday morning” — with more favorable ones (we’d personally suggest StyleCaster, ahem).

At the moment, the tool is just available as a Chrome extension, but if it catches on, Baker hopes to launch it on other browsers, and as a mobile app.