Hey, Where Was Rihanna?


Well, the word on the street is, that Rihanna actually had a segment at the VMAs but for some reason, it got cut. Maybe because Lady Gaga‘s bloody set went over the time limit, or was it Kayne‘s (planned or unplanned?) interruption that caused her slot to be slashed from the set list of performers?

Perhaps it was because she wasn’t nominated for a VMA this year that she didn’t show face. We’re pretty sure LC and Whitney weren’t either; what is it exactly that they have to do with music again? And where was Heidi? She is the up and coming performance artist after all.

Instead of attending, Rihanna spent the evening at 1Oak, in New York City. After partying all night, she hopped a flight to L.A. with none other than Jay Z, to tape The Jay Leno Show. Their episode will air tonight, at 10pm.

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