OnTheRacks.com shares a Friday Mix Tape with us and fashion crush, Marc Jacobs.

Mixtape Friday: OnTheRack’s Crush-Worthy Compilation For Marc Jacobs

Meghan Cross

So, last week Sartorial Girl was kind enough to let us in her head (and by head I mean headphones) by sharing her stellar songlist on Spotify.

This week, Laura Ellner, the brains and blogger behind OnTheRacks dished her favorites. If she were to create a mix tape for anyone, this one would go to Marc Jacobs, she told us.

Between the consistently chill vibe and slightly quirky 80s influence throughout, it’s only appropriate that this mix is dedicated to our favorite designer crush. And let’s be honest, if Mr. Marc and I were in high school together, I totally would march right up to him – cassette tape and this neon clutch in hand, and be all like, ‘Hey Marky Mark, Marc, will you be my best friend?’

What’s cool is that Laura’s MJ mix is actually reflective of her style too. Just look at the snippets from OnTheRacks that she’s been sharing on StyleCaster. We love how she juxtaposes city grunge with her polished pumps and fur in this shot.

Definitely make sure to share your “Love” and see more of what OnTheRacks is sharing, here.

ontheracks21 Mixtape Friday: OnTheRacks Crush Worthy Compilation For Marc JacobsAnd in the meantime, you can snag her entire crush-worthy mix for Marc Jacobs on Spotify too (err, Walkman not included).

Mix for Marc Jacobs via OnTheRacks:

Off My Mind by Javelin
Soon It Will be Cold Enough to Build by Emancipator
Shadow on the Stone by Donovan Quinn
Paper Planes by M.I.A.
1969 by The Stooges
Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey
Sunday Morning by Nico by The Velvet Underground
Laughing City by Donovan Quinn
Dreams My Only Friend by Colin L. Orchestra
The Daydream by Tycho
A Real Hero by College and Electric Youth

(What designer crush would you make a mix tape for? Tell us in the comments below!)