Hey, Big Spender: Which Tourists Shop the Most When They Travel?

Leah Bourne

Hermes-LineEver wonder which tourists spend the most money when they travel? Visa’s 2013 Global Travel Intentions Study has just been released, offering some insights into just that.
After surveying 12,630 travelers from 25 countries the survey found that Saudi Arabians are the top spenders shelling out an average of $6,666 per trip. Coming in second are Australians who spend on average $4,118, while Chinese travelers came in third spending $3,824.
The Chinese could soon take the top spot. Boosted by a rising Chinese currency, Chinese travelers spent a record $102 billion on international tourism in 2012, a 40 percent rise from $73 billion in 2011.
Which tourists shop the most contrasts sharply with the top travel destinations in the world. The US came in first with 17 percent of respondents saying they went to the US in the last two years. Other top destinations were the UK, France, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.
Are you surprised by how much Saudis on average spend when they travel? What’s your typical travel shopping budget?