Hermes Sample Sale Adventures


And now, my dear readers, a special dispatch from StyleCaster’s Creative Director, the one and only, Brandon Perlman. Brandon ventured to the Hermes sample sale last night and here is what he has to say:

If I were going to buy a white tuxedo in late September for $1895 at a discount, I would have bought Hermes.  The much touted and highest of high end brands set up shop in the overexposed and underwhelming Metropolitan Pavilion space on 18th street between 6th and 7th avenues.  My colleague Emily, a self-proclaimed Hermes-o-phile, and I went at the popular “magic hour” of 6:45 pm yesterday evening. It was a gorgeous fall night, before the impending rain storm, a brisk breeze wafting Eau des Merveilles throughout the line of 100+ eager sample sale shoppers. It is amazing how when you are at any sample sale, all of the banter happens to be about shopping: shopping triumphs and tragedies of  sales past…it seems as if everyone has a  shaggy dog story of their former shopping glories. From the uber-exclusive Prada invite-only sale to the death trap known as the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, factions of savvy “salers” were present.  One of my favorite moments was when we were in line and a passerby carrying a real Birkin inquired as to why everyone was is waiting in line…”The Hermes Sample Sale of course!” a fellow line-goer said with pride. 

“OOH?” said the well-heeled woman who not doubt paid full price and withstood the requisite 6-month waiting period for her camel B-Bag. Shortly after being warned that no one would be admitted after 7:15 pm, at roughly 6:55 a well-dressed security guard with a secret service style earpiece announced to a shocked line that the sale was closed. Overheard on the earpieces… “Shut the doors. SHUT THE DOORS…” we stood our ground with not as much as a whisper. At 7:10, when it was announced again, we stood our ground. At 7:15 when we reached the front of the line to have the doors closed in our faces, WE STOOD OUR GROUND. And finally, finally, at 7:30 we were granted an audience with the highest order of sale. “Just ten,” said another guard and we were hurried single file into a large service elevator. On the fabled 4th floor, we were subdivided once again into two groups of 5, and just like that, we were in…the Promised Land.  A land with coat check, scarves and ties galore and signs heeding shoppers to limit purchases to just ten items. In the end I bought a tie ($102). Tears were shed, saddles were on sale (luckily I have one already…), people pled, and prayers were said…and in the end, the 8pm closing time proved to be only a myth…

End Consensus? Go and go early. Plentiful goods await. Tomorrow is the last day!

When: Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18 St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves., 4th flr.



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