Hermès Now Makes Leather Pebble Holders (Yup, You Read That Right)

Julie Gerstein

We might be a little bit in love with Pascale Mussard. She’s the artistic director of Hermès’ very special “Petit h” division, and a woman who can see beauty and possibility in practically everything.

Mussard’s Petit h project is a testament to her vision: She takes discarded Hermès materials and upcycles them into new objets d’art. And now, for the first time ever, those upcycled creations are being made available to the public at a special pop-up sale at Hermès’ London location, happening now through December 7. Among the covetable items on offer? Silk string bags, pleated silk necklaces and luxury pebble holders.

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Yes, you read that right, pebble holders.

You see, the Hermès clan loves themselves some rocks—apparently beach-combing is a favorite family pastime—so Mussard thought it might be cute to whip up some pebble holders from spare scraps of leather.

“If you ever saw my grandmother driving around in Paris in her convertible, the back of the car was always weighed down. The whole car was at an angle like a speed boat. And do you know why? It was because the back of her car was weighed down with pebbles,” Mussard told The Telegraph.

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While we haven’t found a price for the pebble holder, other items in the collection range from $220 for a necklace, to $51,000 for a toy car made from crocodile leather, so we’re betting they don’t come cheap.

Mussard also asked a bunch of artists she liked to work with the Hermès scraps and come up with some new designs. “I invite designers and artists into the Petit h workshops, where all the different materials rejected by Hermès are gathered like acorns,” she explains. “These collaborators have free rein to explore and create. Rebirth and upcycling is the underlying approach. I love to recreate, reinvent and re-enchant.”

Does she have the best job or what?

And don’t miss this video of Mussard talking about her Petit h philosophy: