Every Celebrity On the Planet Seems to Have the $2,800 Hermès Avalon Blanket

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Every Celebrity On the Planet Seems to Have the $2,800 Hermès Avalon Blanket
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Sure, we’re all familiar with Hermès—the eternally covetable Birkin bags, the more affordable accessories like bracelets and belts, and even their ready-to-wear-collection—but you may be unaware of the French fashion’s house contributions to the world of home decor. For instance, do you know about the Hermès Avalon blanket? Even if you do, you likely don’t realize just how popular it is—and how many celebrities have it as a chic accent on their sofa, bed, or even in their baby nursery.
The deal with the Avalon is that it comes in a variety of colors, and generally measures 87″ by 102″, although there are other blanket sizes available. It will certainly keep you warm, as it’s made of 85 percent wool and 15 percent cashmere for that extra-comfortable touch. Of course, it will cost you—you can order it on the brand’s website for $2,800, which is actually a relative bargain compared to their purses.

Everyone from Giuliana Rancic to Ellen DeGeneres to Hilary Duff has an Avalon in their home—and they all utilize them completely differently. Interested in snagging one of these babies of your own? Get some home decor inspiration from these celebs!

Click through the slideshow above and let us who you think uses the Hermès Avalon the chicest way!

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Giuliana Rancic is a huge fan of Hermès, regularly toting a Birkin bag. Clearly, this applies to her home decor style as well, as this is one of multiple Avalon blankets in her house. 

Now that's a seriously lucky baby! Rachel Zoe's son Skyler Berman probably spit up on his Hermès blanket, which was chicly featured in his nursery.

Courteney Cox's modern Malibu pad features a dark Avalon.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are expert home-flippers, so obviously they spare no expense when it comes to decor. Their Beverly Hills spread featured this grey Avalon sprawled on the side of the couch. 

Julia Restoin Roitfeld took to Instagram to say goodbye to her apartment, which features a matching Hermès blanket and pillow.

Former Disney queen Hilary Duff clearly still has money in the bank, as her L.A. pad features an Avalon casually perched in the living room—or beauty parlor, as it seems from this Instagram photo. 

One of our favorite "Sex and the City" movie moments was when a heartbroken Carrie Bradshaw consoled herself by cuddling with a bottle of Vodka and an Hermès blanket. Who wouldn't, honestly? 

Lindsay Lohan's former L.A. home, which was redone on an episode of Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorators," featured an Avalon in the living room.

...And in the bedroom! 

Rachel Zoe isn't the only star with an Avalon in her baby's nursery. Superstar designer Kelly Wearstler used it in the same way.

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