Here’s the New (Slightly Sexier) ’50 Shades of Grey’ Trailer

new 50 shades trailer s and m sex

After small teasers and a decidedly tepid trailer, a new preview for “50 Shades of Grey” hit the web, and everyone’s saying how racy it is. Not bad, but also nothing to clutch your pearls over, we say.

First off, fans—who whined that the original choice for Christian Grey, “Sons of Anarchy” alpha male Charlie Hunnam wasn’t good enough—(check him out on “Conan” this week and judge for yourself) will still be pleased with Jamie Dornan—or, his look anyway. Slicked back hair, clean shaven, smoldering stare, it’s clear he’s the real draw of the targeted-to-women film, delivering lines like “I exercise control in all things” and “my tastes are very … singular.”

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Like in the last trailer, Dakota Johnson looks predictably mousy as Anastasia Steele, never really getting a moment to wow us with her Dornan chemistry.

Indeed, this clip shows a tad more of what we came for—sex and S&M, baby!—with a peek into the red room of pain, a quick cut to Anastasia writhing in blindfolded ecstasy, the click of chains, and Christian kissing her white undies.

The best part: More Beyoncé! When the last trailer was released, we heard a sultry, slowed-down “Crazy in Love,” and now we hear her croon a stylized version of her 2013 hit”Haunted” which kinda single-handedly made the trailer, well, hot.

Watch the new ’50 Shades’ trailer below and let us know what you think! The movie comes out—of course—on Valentine’s day.

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