Here’s a Video of Kanye West Rapping—at 19 Years Old

There was a time was Kanye West didn’t wear leather pants, wasn’t forcing wife Kim Kardashian down our collective throats, and wasn’t fond of comparing himself to Jesus. Hard to believe, we know.

To prove that Kanye wasn’t born in head-to-toe Givenchy, a video popped up on Reddit Thursday showing a 19-year-old West rapping at Fat Beats, an old New York City record store in 1996.

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The video was posted to YouTube by DJ Eclipse, the former manager of Fat Beats.

“Yesterday I started converting old Hi8 video tapes to DVD and came across some interesting footage from that day,” he told Complex Music. “What took me by surprise was the appearance of this 19-year-old kid who at that time nobody knew.”

This clip comes seven years before Kanye’s groundbreaking first album, The College Dropout, changed the rap game for good, and five years before his seminal involvement with Jay Z’s on The Blueprint.

Take a look at the video below—it’s pretty amazing to see Kanye’s raw talent.