Here Are the Most Unique Places to Shop For Halloween Costumes in America

Leah Bourne
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Photo: Pinterest

Still on the hunt for a creative Halloween costume? Don’t resort to that tired old Disney character that comes in a bag, get creative this year—there’s still plenty of time! To help you out, Pinterest has released a specially curated “Place Board” highlighting unique costume shops across America, including spots like the Piedmont Boutique in San Francisco, where a giant pair of legs welcomes customers, and Adele’s of Hollywood, a standby in Los Angeles since 1945.

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Here, the 18 most unique places to shop for a Halloween costume in America:

1. Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, Sacramento

2. Dallas Costume Shoppe, Dallas

3. Guthrie Theater, Minneapololis

4. The Cleveland Shop, Cleveland

5. Disguises, Denver

6. Archie McPhee, Seattle

7. Easley’s Costumes & Fun Shop, Phoenix

8. Boston Costume, Boston

9. ABC Costume, Miami

10. Piedmont Boutique, San Francisco

11. Adele’s of Hollywood, Los Angeles

12 Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes, New Orleans

13. Chicago Costume, Chicago

14. Abracadabra, New York

15. Performance Studios Costumes, Nashville

16. Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds, Austin

17.Frankel’s Costume Co, Inc., Houston

18. Costumes on Haight, San Francisco

Head over to Pinterest to find out more about each spot and to find a cool Halloween store near your hometown via an interactive map!

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