H.E.R.’s Shiny Grammys Power Suit Is Exactly as Cool as She Is

Maggie Griswold
H.E.R.’s Shiny Grammys Power Suit Is Exactly as Cool as She Is
Photo: Rachel Luna/Getty Images.

The Grammy Awards are an especially thrilling part of awards season, because we always get to see some fresh faces strutting the red carpet for the very first time. Among these much-anticipated newbies? H.E.R. (aka singer Gabriella Wilson). We had few expectations for the new artist, but H.E.R.’s 2019 Grammys outfit proved she can hang with the big boys. The singer absolutely killed it in a colorful and sparkly jumpsuit, designed by Coach. And sure, we’ve yet to see a picture of her without sunglasses on—but we’re not sure we care. If sunglasses elevate her ensemble, why go without them (even in a typically non-sunglasses setting, like, you know, the 2019 Grammys red carpet)?

H.E.R. made her Grammys debut wearing an incredible sparkly jumpsuit that gives us serious boss vibes. The singer’s jumpsuit was a combination of blue, pink, red and orange sparkles, all combining to create an electric ensemble. We knew H.E.R. would shine bright for the Grammys, but this look shone to outer space, babes.

The singer accessorized the beautiful and sparkly jumpsuit with her signature sunglasses. We weren’t sure if she’d wear sunnies to the Grammys, but H.E.R. definitely did not stray from her norm this time. We don’t even blame her. Sunglasses add a bit of mystique to any look.

H.E.R. is nominated for five different awards—a huge accomplishment for an artist’s first foray into the Grammys. The singer has released five EPs since 2016, and she’s mainly getting recognized for the compilation of three of them into the self-titled album “H.E.R.” The album is nominated for Album of the Year as well as Best R&B Album. H.E.R. is also nominated for Best R&B Performance (for “Best Part”), Best R&B Song (for “Focus”) and Best New Artist. Someone is having a seriously good year, and H.E.R. is just getting started.