Hell’s Kitchen 2009 Winner Announced.


If you’ve been following Hell’s Kitchen on Fox this season, you’ve watched as Gordon Ramsay one-by-one knocked down the contestants’ chances of winning the ultimate prize (and knocked down their self esteem along the way). Dave Levey made it to the very end last night and was named Head Chef of Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia under Executive Chef James Walt. This is his prize as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 6.

The perpetual underdog, the San Diego chef competed with a broken left wrist for most of the season, but still managed to beat the other two finalists Kevin Cottle and Ariel Contreras in the end.

Levey was surprised at the final announcement, “But I felt confident. I stuck to my guns and I studied what Chef Ramsay wanted done,” he said.

Of Levey, Ramsay said, “Dave has a very natural ability and a very sophisticated palette. He fought through excruciating pain and excelled.”

Were you happy with the results?