Helena Christensen: The Girl in the Green Scarf


Yesterday, a fresh faced Helena Christensen was spotted picking up her son Mingus from school in New York City. Christensen, who shot to fame when she starred in Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game video in 1991 (that’s 18 years ago, an eternity in model time!), is still considered a major supermodel. It’s hard to believe that she is 40-years-old!

With her fiery locks and green scarf it looks like the model mom is channeing Isla Fisher’s character, Becky Bloomwood, from Confessions of a Shopaholic. While I openly admit that I’m not a fan of any chick lit, I was pleasanty surprised by how enjoyable and funny this movie was. The Collection Eighteen Pleated Chiffon Scarf in Jasper Green is available at chickdowntown and is a steal at only $24!