Sorry, Lindsay Lohan: Helena Bonham Carter Looks Gorgeous as Elizabeth Taylor

Spencer Cain

Top: Helena Bonham Carter as Liz Taylor; Bottom: Lindsay Lohan as the iconic actress.

By now you’ve probably forgotten about the brief cultural obsession that was Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick,” last November’s critically panned and disastrous TV movie starring Lindsay Lohan as the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. You also may have forgotten that another actress, Helena Bonham Carter, is slated to play Taylor in a BBC film called “Burton and Taylor” that comes out this fall.

Now, we have our first official glimpse at the 47-year-old real-deal actress doing her best Liz impression—and honestly, it’s kind of amazing. While we were initially impressed at 26-year-old LiLo’s ability to look like a woman in her 50s (no doubt thanks to years of chain smoking and vodka), Bonham Carter completely blows her out of the water in this just-released promo picture.

For anyone else, playing Taylor—which often requires a feathered wig, a bold lip, and heavy eye makeup—could make them look like a drag queen. But given Bonham Carter’s penchant for dressing like she’s a character in her hubby Tim Burton‘s twisted flicks, this is actually a subtly glamorous look for her, and we like it.

Combine that with the fact that she’s a veteran actress with two Oscar nominations and six Golden Globes nods under her belt, and we’re pretty sure we know which TV take on the legendary starlet’s life will be better received.

What do you think—which starlet rocked the Elizabeth Taylor look better?

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